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AixBOMS and its Graphical Editors

AixBOMS Key Features: Graphical Editors and Tools for Simplifying your Daily Work

Key features available across the AixBOMS applications


AixBOMS provides a number of key features which may be used seamlessly across many of its application modules. Basic key features, such as the Icon and Infrastructure Editors, are included in all AixBOMS license types. Other graphical editors are associated with specific AixBOMS applications and may, as long as they have been licensed, be operated from within any other licensed AixBOMS application. This makes it possible, for example, to launch the RackView Editor directly from the context menu of a router object within an infrastructure plan, as long as you have licensed either the Cable Management or the DCM application. Over and above the editors described in this document, there are a large number of other graphical tools and wizards, such as the Single Connection Editor, the Port Editor, the IMAC/D Wizard, the Common Connection Wizard, or the Configuration Editor which are available across the AixBOMS application suite, supporting a holistic approach to IT infrastructure management. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly if you require further information.

The Graphical Editors in AixBOMS are Easy to Use and Simplify your Day-to-Day Work.


AreaPlan Editor für die grafische Schrankverwaltung


  Focus on Capacity and Utilization

Plan, document, and monitor IT rooms and data centers

RackView Editor für die grafische Schrankverwaltung


  Of Cables and Connections

Plan and document cabling components and connections

RackView Editor für die grafische Schrankverwaltung


  Visualize your Network Components

Visualize and enrich rack components

RackView Editor für die grafische Schrankverwaltung


  Your Perspective on Infrastructures

Create your own plans and drawings for IT infrastructure documentation

RackView Editor für die grafische Schrankverwaltung


  Keeping on Top of Power

Plan and document power and fuse hierarchies

RackView Editor für die grafische Schrankverwaltung


  Get a Picture of your Physical Infrastructure

Plan, document, and manage distribution cabinets and their contents


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