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We Won't Abandon You!

We always give utmost priority to customer satisfaction and therefore always have an open ear for our customers even after the end of a project. Solutions are prepared jointly with the customer, and prompt implementation is always coordinated with him.

Together with direct support through the project team, a central hotline staffed by several qualified employees is available working days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to help both administrators and users with problems in operating and understanding, when errors occur and naturally also to cope with special requirements. This service can be expanded when required, for example during the introductory phase or for roll-outs.

The hotline facility can be reached by phone, fax and e-mail. We use standardized reporting and qualification procedures for optimum communication. All messages are given a unique number, of which the person making contact is informed. In addition, he also receives short-term feedback about successful classification and the action taken. Standard reports provide us with a regular overview of progress in dealing with the reports. A quality manager (Customer Care Center) acts as our direct intermediary and coordination point, thus provides a further interface between customer, hotline, development and project planning.

All work carried out on customer systems and that connected with customizing the product are documented by us in a release management system. It is thus easier to reconstruct errors, and tests for updates can be prepared in advance. Necessary updates are always coordinated with the customer, always also giving attention and adequate support to his needs. We support release changes for operating system, database and third-party application versions for on-line couplings as early as possible, but only install on stable and tested versions.

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